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Have you ever noticed that as we get older, regardless of our life circumstance, our lives become “busier,” and we seem to have less and less time to just sit in our happy chair and DREAM.  I am not casting a spirit of negativity here; it is just an observation, perhaps a longing for simpler days.

Some of the characteristic phrases we spew forth, to keep us positive in our thinking even though our hearts seem weary are:

● Life is pretty hectic, but it beats the alternative.

● I can’t complain, it wouldn’t be fair. (my personal line of choice)

● Doing great, but I’ll get better. (a good friend’s classic line)

We smile, ease out of that conversation as we think in our mind “my schedule sucks right now, I need to figure out a different approach to life.”

Iqueenn the midst of this crazy life, my grandchildren came to Colorado to spend a month.  It was pure heaven to come downstairs one evening to see my youngest grandson, who is one year old, sitting in his high chair sucking on a corn cob, in oblivious nirvana.  On another day I saw my 6 year old granddaughter dress up like a beauty queen in a make believe outfit,  that to her,  represented a walk in Miss Universe.  On yet another day I witnessed my eight year old grandson driving the golf cart (illegally of course) as IF he knew what he was doing.  These are moments that time stood still.  They were reminders that if we choose, we can change the pace.

My grandchildren left to go home, and three weeks later, my perspective and pace were again at break neck speed with no grandchildren around to immediately change my perspective.  I looked at my wife and said, “Do you want to play hooky for a day?”  [Now I did play hooky in school, and it was really on the edge of the law for me, a rush of adrenalin for a day and a total victory if we didn’t get caught.]  So,  as grown adults (with grandchildren), the thought of playing hooky from life for a day was a thrilling prospect.

Acting on this impulse, we called another couple and stole to the mountains for one whole day to fly fish, have afishing cooler lunch on a Wyoming road, fish and connect with the Great Creator, and allow our wives to actually use their entire word allotment for the day.  We only stopped a couple of times on the road to grab electronic e-mails and phone messages!  From 6:00 am to 10:00 that night, we escaped the routines that bind us down and freed our spirits.

I suggest we play hooky more often.  Remember in the movie “What About Bob” when Bob was told to take a vacation from his troubles?  That’s what I’m talking about, only for a day.  It is amazing how therapeutic this can be.

So whether we imagine being queen for a day, getting the last drop of juice out of the corn cob, or going fishing for a few hours- without planning much ahead, let’s take a little time to enjoy the wild side, and put a little spontaneous life back into our daily walk.  What could it hurt?

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