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THE PROCESS OF RE-MAKING OURSELVES… continued life lessons from Old Red

In the blog series is an entry called “Old Red” where I shared about the family tractor.  This tractor is very sentimental to us, and continues to teach us life lessons.

One of the greatest opportunities we have in life is to “Re-Make” ourselves.  Some call it repentance, some call it discovery, some call it being re-born, some call it a “journey” some call it simply what it is… change. 

The reason this is such a treasured opportunity is because nothing ever remains the same.  At some point in our lives, we decide, for example, that our metabolism slows down and to maintain our attractiveness and health we must work even harder to fight against father time.  If you are like me, I am constantly finding personality traits about myself that I don’t particularly like; so I begin, over and over again, the process of change.  The self analysis of knowing we can become better gives us a spark of hope- a new sunrise in an old life.

My two favorite books on change are Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson, and Our Iceberg is Melting by John Kotter.  Both have powerful fables about the need to re-make ourselves if we expect to progress and excel in life.  I am always amazed and actually dumbfounded by those who like things or themselves just the way they are- clearly some people dislike change.  Too bad,  because their relevance will fade in time… just like Old Red.

Guess what, Old Red is getting a make-over.  She has been in the beauty shop for a few months. 


I hardly recognize her now. 


These photos tell a truth; change is painful to watch, and during the process of re-making ourselves, we don’t always like the process, but will certainly love the results- at least that is the great hope.  In this case, I do know what she looked like before I took her in and I would expect at least the same back.


Sometimes the process is “gut wrenching.”


Sometimes we just want our old selves back.


It is difficult to imagine during the process of change, that the end result will be better.


Sometimes folks who know us well don’t want to allow the metamorphous that is taking place.  Looking at the process, I would have to agree at times as we can’t visualize what the end result will be.

This story is obviously not complete.  I can’t wait to showcase the results of Old Red.  I made a conscious decision to restore her and give new life to an old friend.  Sometime in July or August, when Old Red comes home from the beauty shop, I’ll share the results.  Purely based on the cost, I’m positive they will be fantastic.  Oh, did I mention that change can require sacrifice? The cost of change will make us better for longer.  Hmmmm, I think I just coined a new Mantra!

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