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I heard a saying once, that dealt with the rear end of a rat, and made reference to not caring much.  If you don’t “get it”, think about it for a while.

Life is full of inconveniences, at least according to our viewpoint.  Like, when we miss a green light or even a flight connection.  We can complain and rant about it with our friends and associates, but really, who gives a…(Insert the saying dealing with a rat’s rear end).

I am sitting at an airport as I type this, actually, delayed by over 8 hours.  Perspective is sinking in.  This week we witnessed the worst natural disasters to come upon our friends in Japan in hundreds of years.  When I see a man floating on his roof, having lost his family, and rescued 10 miles from shore, it really puts any inconveniences into perspective.  I have a dear friend who lost his best friend since the age of four, last week—I can only offer my sincere condolences, and wish things were different for the moment.  Forget that life goes on, deals many surprises to us, and is sometimes very unfair.  Regardless of my belief that there are no coincidences, that everything happens for a reason, and that there must be great lessons to learn as we wade through difficulties, it doesn’t make them any easier.

A Great lesson I am learning is to strive to put all reality into perspective.  A business associate chewed me out this week in the most unprofessional way imaginable.  When I step back from it, I notice my heart is still beating, my wife still loves me, most of my body parts work (I’d gladly trade my lower back in for a new model, however) and I love life anyway.  And yet, we give way too much attention to situations that annoy us, but have no lasting relevance.

I believe if we do focus on things that matter most we can find the morsels of truth that are relevant and keep a healthy perspective in life.  For my friend who lost his friend last week, I found a great quote from Colonel Robert G. Ingersol who gave this quote at his own brother’s funeral: “If those we press and strain within our arms could never die, perhaps that love would wither from the earth.”  Perspective is a wonderful thing, and in the end, it will separate things that matter most from things that really don’t mean a…(insert the rat posterior here).  Perspective will give us gratitude and allow our actions to be meaningful acts rather than reactions to perceived inconveniences.  I’m enjoying my delay at the airport after all.


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