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The Painful So-Long Until We Resume Our Place On The Throne Of Life

Late in October, my wife and I returned late at night from a trip and entered the driveway; rain pounding and glad to finally be home.  As usually happens when we round the top of the drive, our two labs came happily to greet us.  This time, however, our older black lab, Emma, slipped in the rain and slid under the car.

Emma was half blind, pretty lame, and nearly deaf… but oh, how we loved her.  For over 12 years she did nothing but loves us and provide companionship for our other lab, her daughter, Cali.  After determining her injuries, we had no choice but to let her go.  All this time, she never let out a whimper.  Somehow she seemed to know, as we held her in our arms,  this was “so-long” for a very long time. 

My wife and number two son held Emma as we called each of the remote children.  They all got to talk to Emma and express their love and appreciation.  Very tearfully, we let Emma go.  Why can’t dog’s live forever? 

We returned home again after midnight, and there was Cali, the chocolate lab, with a look of wonderment – unaware that her best friend for life would not be coming home.  We loved on Cali and have shown her lots of attention as she has come to grips with reality.  Dogs get sad too; and they have a keen sense of emotional surroundings –  how else could they be known as man’s best friend?  It took Cali a couple of weeks to do yard patrol by herself.  She would go out on the hill under a tree where she and Emma would always sit, and there would sit alone, looking longingly for her mom, for new meaning in life, for her own purpose now.

Being the kind daddy to a dog that I am, I wondered how I might be able to cheer her up.  To put some special zip in her life again.  I decided she would love to be my new snow plow buddy this winter.  So I bought a contraption with a snow plow on the front and side by side seating, and we started her training.  Her job is to watch curiously as we plow and enjoy the oneness with me and nature.  At first she was frightened and I had to lift her into place.  She jumped out, afraid of the unknown.  I gently put her back and let her know there was nothing to fear. 

Now she rides proudly by my side, and when the work/fun is done, she will NOT move until she is lifted from her throne and placed on the ground.  She is my snow plow buddy.

throne-of-life Life lessons regarding loss of loved ones (including animals)  is a painful so-long; but when we get busy and creative, we can find much of life to enjoy and continue our contribution to the world and the families we love.  Emma will never be forgotten and Cali will never be left behind; because together, we can overcome any curve balls life throws at us.   Let’s all take a front seat and assume our position in the throne of life, especially after tragic set-backs.
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